Antibacterial Fabric Mask is made of double layered Poly-Elastane fabric. The outer surface is colorized with Azo-Free water based ink, the inner surface is in white. The tissue of the fabric enables you breathe and communicate easily. Since the binding tape and the earlap part is made of the same fabric, it makes you feel more comfortable when compared with any type of elastic cords.
Your mask never slides down your nose due to the double sided elasticity of our special fabric. If you wash your mask according to the washing instructions, it will maintain its antibacterial property up to 20 washes. The imprinted outer surface will not be frayed either.
The sizes are: 220mm*130mm for the adults and 190mm*110mm for the kids. We can also customize the mask with your own logo or design, name customization is also an option. You may get in touch with us via e-mail, social media or whatsapp link for your mass production demands or any further questions. Hope you use it on healthy days…

Legal Warning: Washable Fabric Mask is not a medical product like surgical masks and respirators; it is not a substitute for those kind of equipment either. However the use of masks has a protective feature against infections and respiratory diseases; considering the risk, we make no guarantee. Doctors’ comments and suggestions are valuable on medical issues such as advice, diagnosis and treatment. You should consult on the expert and always contact your nearest healthcare professional for options.