M-STN 25-104-QR

Lanyard Istanbul Team is proud to be presenting new project of the season: QR Coded Smart Lanyards. When it’s about social media marketing, you already know how fast the sector is growing with a high momentum day by day. Since today’s motto is interactivity via internet, we think that QR codes will be a revolutional move in lanyard business. Using our QR Coded Smart Lanyards, some of the advantages and opportunities are listed below:
People can reach and follow your website or social media, give you a phone call, send you e-mail, DM or SMS, can attend to your vCalendar events, reach your geographical coordinates, download your application, read your slogan as plain or free formatted text on their devices. The only thing you need to do is to send us your text (max:140 characters) and indicate the PMS colour of the code for the process. Each lanyard can be personalized with a unique code as well…


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